Does Eminence Have Fragrance?

Eminence Organic Skin Care

The Eminence organic skin care product array, consisting of skin and eye care products like moisturizers, serums, cleansers, lip balms, exfoliants, masks, and eye creams, are all scented.

Eminence does not have any fragrance-free versions of its skin and eye care products.

What are the fragrance ingredients in Eminence?

The fragrance of Eminence products is often described as faint and pleasant by consumers who have used it. It radiates from the natural ingredients that the products are made of.

Eminence products are free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum compounds, phthalates, or any added fragrance chemicals. The company also does not add any additives to mask the natural scents of the ingredients.

Consequently, the fragrance of Eminence is a blend of the aromas of natural herbs, fruits, and extracts such as coconut milk, almond, lemongrass, blueberry, chamomile, apricot, hibiscus, vanilla, turmeric, licorice root, charcoal, and natural oils.

This blend of natural scents would give you a floral, sweet, and fresh aroma.

Are the fragrances in Eminence safe?

The fragrances from the natural ingredients in Eminence are made up of complex compounds. However, as they are natural, they are easy for the human body to absorb, assimilate, and digest.

Perfumery is in vogue since ancient times. The use of perfumes has been recorded in all civilizations across the world. From the earliest of times, all techniques of preparing perfumes have involved only the use of herbs, fruit extracts, essential oils, and flowers. Perfumes thus prepared have always been used without any significant adverse effects.

The mass production of perfumes with the dawn of the industrial revolution in the 19th century led to the beginning of the use of synthetic scents and harmful chemicals in perfumes. Modern research has established the dangerous effects of these chemicals on the human body and the environment.

Fragrance chemicals, which consist of almost 3,000 compounds in modern perfumery, have a number of side effects – some of them are skin allergies, contact dermatitis, skin sensitization, hives, blisters, endocrine disruption, hormonal imbalance, asthma, breathing difficulty, nasal allergies, throat irritation, cancer, and brain fog. They also affect the environment as they are basically greenhouse gases.

The aromas from the natural ingredients of Eminence, however, do not pose any such threats. Nevertheless, they could also have some side effects. So, what are they?

According to the Environmental Working Group, natural ingredients, herbs, fruit extracts, and essential oils contain allergens. If you have any type of sensitivity, these allergens could affect you. Additionally, certain compounds in natural ingredients can also trigger allergies when used over long periods of time.

Effects of natural fragrances on the skin

Natural fragrances are a combination of multiple ingredients. While they are not toxic like the chemicals, they can cause skin allergies and sensitization. If you are already sensitive to any ingredient – such as citric acid which is the most common – you could experience redness, itching, or blisters.

It is therefore advised that you study the ingredients list and also do a patch test before using the product.

If you have skin sensitivity, you could avoid Eminence products like Lemon Grass Cleanser, Arctic Berry Radiance Cream, Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme, and Paprika Herbal Treatment.

Effects of natural fragrances on respiration

Natural herbs, fruit extracts, and essential oils are used extensively for therapeutic purposes. However, their powerful aromas may irritate your respiratory system. When used in higher doses, over several years, or with existing problems, these strong scents can cause allergies, asthma, headache, migraine, and nasal congestion.

Therefore, make sure you read the ingredients list on the product and steer clear of the herbs and oils that you are sensitive to.

If you have respiratory allergies, it is advised that you avoid Eminence products like Citrus Exfoliating Wash, Lemon Cleanser, Citrus and Kale Cream, and Radish Refining Peel.

Effects of natural fragrances on children

Children have sensitive skin and a weak respiratory system. Exposing them to natural ingredients and fragrances should be done with the consultation of their pediatrician.

Read the product labeling and check if it can be used on children. Further, do a patch test and use the product infrequently and only when required.

Do the natural fragrances in Eminence affect the environment?

Natural fragrances are non-toxic. They are safe for the environment, wastewater systems, waterways, and the air you breathe.

However, as humongous amounts of plants, flowers, and herbs are required to extract the natural compounds, sustainability and agricultural growth practices employed are of concern. Further, transportation of the vast quantities of raw materials and their processing could be causing pollution unless safe practices are not followed.


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