Duracell Vs. Energizer – Which Battery Is Better?

Duracell Energizer comparison and reviews

Do you want to know which battery brand will give you more bang for your buck? Which one has a lower price and which one lasts longer? Well, this blog will address these questions and others. 

Which Battery Lasts Longer – Energizer or Duracell

Duracell and Energizer have a lot of similarities in terms of their structure and their longevity. The differences that can be noted are quite specific.

Duracell and Energizer both have alkaline and lithium batteries on offer. 

Duracell has more longevity across most devices like flashlights, remote controls, toys, etc. It has almost double the longevity as compared to Energizer. The only exception to this is for clocks. Energizer lasts almost twice to three times as long as Duracell. 

Both the brands have lithium and alkaline cell batteries for sale. More people are shifting from alkaline cells to lithium cells.

In terms of alkaline cells, Duracell is the better brand. For lithium cells, it is better to use Energizer. 

Duracell has some active ingredients and an anti-corrosive coating. It also has a DuraLock feature that sustains a shelf-life of 10 years. 

The Energizer Lithium batteries also use a rechargeable battery range using Recharge Power Plus technology. This gives more power every time it is used. It also has a very long shelf-life, similar to Duracell.

Ultimately which battery lasts longer really depends on whether you are using alkaline versus lithium cell devices. 

Their battery life is quite the same. It only varies with the use it is put to and the variety of batteries chosen. At the end of the day, the compatibility between the device and the battery also makes a difference. The two brands are pretty much on par with one another in this aspect. 


Duracell is more prone to leakage when compared to Energizer batteries. Some Energizer batteries have a no-leak guarantee. Duracell has a battery guarantee but not a no-leak guarantee. The Duracell alkaline batteries in particular tend to leak very easily. 

Sometimes, Duracell batteries do not even last until their expiry date before they start leaking. This happens because of overheating or leaving the batteries unused in devices for too long. 

The lithium batteries that Energizer makes are more resistant to leakage but not completely leak-proof. So in terms of which batteries are better manufactured so as to prevent leakage, Energizer takes the cake. 

Energizer may leak more after the expiry date compared to Duracell. 


The warranty policies of both Duracell and Energizer are quite similar in their coverage. Both of them offer a 10-year guarantee for some products. But this guarantee only applies to unopened and unused batteries and their storage life. 

Both Duracell and Energizer retain the right to deny any warranty claims. This happens if they feel that the damage is caused by the buyer through mishandling or improper use. They will only replace the battery if they see proof of any leakage or damage. They need to be convinced that it happened in the course of ‘normal use’.

But establishing what is normal use and what isn’t has become a problem for customers. They both offer a limited warranty. 

The only difference is that Energizer offers a ‘no-leak’ guarantee as well. But this guarantee also only extends to normal usage. Energizer and Duracell both repair and replace only if they are convinced if there has been a problem from their end. This could relate to design or manufacture. 

Battery Price

Duracell batteries are more expensive compared to Energizer batteries. This holds true across most product categories. The lithium batteries from both brands are more expensive than the alkaline batteries. 

Both brands are advertised heavily. So they are both more expensive than other brands. Duracell costs more per battery. But if you only compare the lithium batteries of Energizer to the lithium or alkaline batteries of Duracell, then the Energizer batteries seem to be more expensive. 

But if you compare similar batteries between the two brands, Duracell is pricier. The price you actually pay will depend on the store you buy it at. Some retailers offer large discounts, especially during a promotional campaign.

This could be both online and in offline physical stores. 


Energizer was the first to go completely mercury and cadmium-free. But now Duracell also has mercury, cadmium, and lead-free batteries.

Both brands have gotten rid of several toxic chemicals from their batteries. 

Energizer paved the way initially with child safety packaging standards for their lithium coin battery. Duracell also uses the same child safety features such as warnings, packaging, etc. Both brands also make sure to spread awareness about the dangers of children swallowing these batteries. 

Both Duracell and Energizer are quite alike and up to the mark in their safety standards. 

Environmental Safety

Duracell and Energizer both have recycling programs and awareness measures.  Customers are encouraged to bring back the rechargeable batteries to their stores. They can also take them to designated recycling centers. 

The alkaline batteries are easily disposable. They contain natural elements such as zinc, manganese oxide, etc. which will not pollute the environment. This is because these elements are already found in nature.

Duracell packaging is also made of 85% recycled material. Their labeling ink is made of materials that are not toxic in any way. 

Energizer also does not use any heavy metals in its batteries. They have initiatives to reduce waste, conserve water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They try to source their materials responsibly according to regulations. 

Both brands do make lithium batteries. These pose a threat to the environment since they are sourced from water basins that are unsustainable. 

Lithium batteries from Duracell and Energizer also contaminate landfills with toxic waste. The lithium batteries need to be disposed of carefully because they could leak. This is a fire hazard as they could explode.

Energizer’s efforts at sustainability are more proactive and extensive as compared to Duracell. So in terms of environmental safety, Energizer is clearly the frontrunner. 

Market Share

Duracell’s market share and brand reach are quite a bit higher than Energizer’s. They are often customers’ default choices.  Because of advertising and branding, people recognize these batteries quickly. Also, since people mainly continue to use alkaline batteries, they often prefer Duracell.

As preferences move towards lithium batteries, the popularity of Energizer is also increasing.  So the Energizers’ market share is rising.

There is still a gap to fill, but Energizer is keeping pace. It is the main competitor to Duracell. People prefer Energizer when Duracell is not available. They also prefer it as an alternative to Duracell. 

As consumer needs and preferences change, the market shares of these brands will also keep chaining.

We expect that the information in this article has given you a good comparison of the two battery brands and that it will help you make a choice that works best for you. 


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