DRNXMYTH Reviews [Coupon Codes Inside]

DRNXMYTH reviews

If you think that you need to hit the bar to get a good cocktail or two, you’re still living in the distant past. You can now get great products delivered home, and DRNXMYTH is exactly that for cocktails.

The company specializes in bottled cocktails, delivered straight to your home. The people behind this venture are a passionate bunch of mixologists and engineers and they certainly know what they’re doing. In this review, we’ll list 5 of the most popular products on DRNXMYTH and if you stick till the end, you’ll find a nice surprise waiting for you (ok they’re coupons!).

Classic Margarita

Before you blaze a new trail, you need to master the old paths. DRNXMYTH demonstrates they know the classics with this excellent classic margarita. This is a margarita cocktail, with no frills and no additions.

This sticks close to the classic margarita and is a perfect drink for those evenings you want to kick back and drink a trusted classic. Made by mixologist, Charity K, this drink is made from pure agave Blanco tequila mixed with agave syrup and nicely balanced by lime juice.

This is a sweet cocktail, with strong notes from the agave. Slight bitter notes from the citrus are present. The serving size is 2 drinks and it costs $11. Buy it here.

Bourbon Sour

The wildly popular Bourbon Sour is a bold cocktail, with a big flavor. DRNXMYTH pre-mixes this cocktail, which is made from high rye bourbon and fresh orange juice. This drink is made by the mixologist Jason Yu, who opted to make a cocktail that is at once reminiscent of the classic Old Fashioned but is still something completely new. In this drink, the high rye bourbon is mixed with bitters bringing layered, full depth. The serving size is 2 drinks and it costs $11. Buy it here.

Rum Punch

DRNXMYTH calls it a tropical paradise in your mouth. In this pre-mixed cocktail, white aged rum is used to mix fresh bananas. This helps in giving this drink a refreshing lightness you can’t find in bars.

This strong drink is made by Bad Birdy and to counteract the sweetness, small-batch bitters are added. Unsweetened coconut flake syrup is mixed with pineapple and lime juices and added resulting in an amazing pine colada. This is a sweet, tropical drink that packs a punch. The serving size is 2 drinks and it costs $11. Buy it here.


DRNXMYTH makes great gins and the best of the lot might be the Eastside. A creation of mixologist, Saeed ‘Hawk’ House, this little drink shows you the potential of gin.

This is the perfect drink if you’re looking to experiment and push your boundaries a bit. The intricate process of making the Eastside starts with fresh cucumbers which are double strained and mixed with mint.  This is left for a day before fresh lime, with a pinch of sugar is added.

The final result is a surprising and pleasant mix with the gin botanical bringing together the herbals and cucumber, all in the presence of a light spa water taste. Buy it here.

Strawberry Mojito

This is a great drink for those times when you want something refreshing and sweet. Made for DRNXMYTH by mixologist, Brian Klemm, this mojito is absolutely top-notch and is worth every single dollar. This is made using water that has been infused with fresh mint, giving it a clear mojito taste, without the presence of mint. It is neither too sweet nor bitter with an excellent balance of sugar/citrus ratio. The syrup used is made with sweet vanilla mixed with strawberry puree. The serving size is 2 drinks and it costs $12. Buy it here.


To get 15% off your order, use the code HONEY15 at the checkout. For 10% off, use the code CYBER10. 

DRNXMYTH is an amazing company and they make great cocktails. They should be on your radar for those times you need cocktails. However, you should exercise due caution and diligence, while ordering and consuming the product. Your vaccine shots are mandatory, but these cocktail shots could be too.


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