Drink Wisconsinbly Sale – Check Out The Latest Merch

Drink Wisconsinbly has a clearance rack sale that features items similar to the Nordstrom rack, but with more class. Let’s check them out!

Cheddarhead Hoodie

The Cheddarhead Hoodie features the Drink Wisconsinbly logo along with a huge block of cheddar cheese on a dark green background. It’s a must-have for cheese lovers!


The Cheddarhead Hoodie is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Designed specifically for the torso, this hoodie is incredibly comfortable. It is also unisex, that is, it’s perfect for all genders. As per some user reviews, the fabric is very soft and snuggly. It’s available in all sizes from Small to 3XL at a $50 sale price and $55 normal price. 

Bowl Wisconsinbly Trucker Hat

The Bowl Wisconsinbly Trucker Hat is perfect for every bowling expert. Featuring the Bowl Wisconsinbly logo along with some smart design, the logo also features a bowling ball hitting the perfect strike. Wearing this in the bowling alley, you’ll look like you know your stuff really well. 


The Bowl Wisconsinbly Trucker Hat is inspired by the Richardson-style 112 sports cap. The front and back parts are made of different materials. The front portion is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which maintains the strength and durability of the hat and prevents it from heating up too much in the sun. The cotton also helps absorb some sweat. The back part is a mesh made of 100% polyester, which allows air to flow through the cap and keep your head cool. The cap also has a snapback closure that allows you to adjust the size to your comfort. The Bowl Wisconsinbly Trucker Hat is available at a $20 sale price and $25 normal price. 

Drink Wisconsinbly Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Drink Wisconsinbly Portable Bluetooth speaker is made of shiny and glossy plastic, and its premium looks are sure to attract some attention. 


The Drink Wisconsinbly Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a 3W Bluetooth speaker with a built-in subwoofer and microphone, which gives it great sound quality and battery life. It’s 2.6 inches wide, 3.7 inches long, and 1.3 inches long, which makes it perfect to carry in your pocket. The wireless range can extend up to 33 feet. A wrist strap is included so that it’s easier to carry with you. The Drink Wisconsinbly Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available at $30 sale price and $40 normal price. 

What Is Drink Wisconsinbly 

Drink Wisconsinbly is a pub and beverages company located in Wisconsin. It aims to create an environment that preserves the culture of Wisconsin. Things like Brandy Old Fashioned and Fish Frys on Fridays and weekend tailgating are celebrated and preserved by Drink Wisconsinbly, keeping the culture alive for generations. 

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