Does Dreft Have a Fragrance?

Dreft detergent

Dreft Detergent has a scent many parents notice after washing with Dreft for the first time. While the smell doesn’t linger once your child gets dressed and plays, you may want to know exactly what Dreft smells like, especially if it seems different from other detergents you’ve used. Here’s what Dreft smells like!

Does Dreft have fragrance in it?

Dreft comes in an assortment of scents. Some of them are baby powder and lavender. The smell is gentle but noticeable. The fragrance differs from what you might be used to with other laundry detergents or fabric softeners. That’s because they don’t contain fragrance oils at all.

Ingredients of Dreft

The ingredients of Dreft are all-natural, which is something to be very happy about. The perfume in Dreft is made from essential oils that may or may not include vanilla extract and sandalwood oil. So the smell of Dreft may not always be the same but will still always have that sweet scent we all know so well. 

Purified water

Purified water is also used in Dreft. No, it does not have any fragrance. However, the fragrance used in Dreft products is derived from the essential oils of lemongrass and lavender. The plant-based aroma can be smelled if you use your nose up close to the bottle or package.

Cocamidopropyl betaine

Cocamidopropyl betaine is the primary surfactant found in this laundry detergent. In addition to being a surfactant, it is also used as an antistatic agent and foam booster. Cocamidopropyl Betaine can leave clothes smelling fresh while they are being washed. 

It does have a fragrance. The odour of Dreft detergent comes from Cocamidopropyl betaine, a chemical component of our formula that gives clothes a fresh scent. It only uses odourless fragrances that are safe for babies and sensitive skin.

Cocamide DEA 

Cocamide DEA does have fragrance, but the company has developed a new version that does not. The new formula is called ColorSafeTM. The fragrance comes from linalool which is also in lavender. Suppose you’re worried about your baby getting allergic to the chemicals in Dreft. In that case, it might be worth checking out this new formula.

Does Dreft newborn have a scent?

Dreft newborn baby detergent has a light, clean fragrance. It also has aloe and chamomile to help soothe your baby’s skin and keep her feeling calm. Babies who wear clothing washed with Dreft have been proven to cry less than those who wear clothing washed in other detergent brands!

The difference between Dreft stage 1 and Dreft 2

Dreft has a light and gentle fragrance that smells fresh and pleasant. It is not overpowering like many other laundry detergents can be. The odour will linger on your clothes for hours after you have washed them. If you are sensitive to perfumes or dislike scents, this might not be the best option for you. However, many people enjoy how pleasant their clothes smell when they use this product.

  • Dreft Stage 1

Dreft Stage 1  baby detergent is available in liquid or powder form. Liquid Dreft has a delicate fragrance that is light enough to be used on sensitive skin, while the powder is scent-free. Both formulas contain natural ingredients and are safe for children of all ages. It is scented with a baby powder fragrance. The smell is light and not overpowering. It also leaves your laundry smelling fresh and clean after every wash.

  • Dreft Stage 2

Dreft Stage 2 is made with natural ingredients like aloe vera leaf extract. The fragrance is so subtle that it won’t interfere with any other product in the laundry room. That means no lingering scent of detergent or fabric softener that can irritate sensitive skin. 

The main difference between them can be as one does not have any scent, and the other has a fresh apple scent. Both have hypoallergenic properties for sensitive skin. 

One is fragrance-free and gentle on fabrics, while the other comes in an ultra-soft fabric conditioner that removes static. If you’re worried about dryness, you can choose to add either a detergent or fabric softener into your washing routine.


Although there are many different thoughts and opinions about the fragrance of Dreft and what causes these smells in your clothes, we now know for sure that there is one. The Dreft laundry detergent will always give you that freshly washed smell. If; if you are a heavy sweater, you might even find yourself craving this smell. If you want to find out more about what the freshness of this product smells like, then grab your next bottle at any local retailer near you today.


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