Does Dial Gold Soap Have Fragrance?

Dial Gold soap

Millions of people have used Dial Gold as part of their daily shower routine to provide the ultimate in cleanliness and softness. While most users are pleased with the product and its ability to deliver results, some have expressed concerns about the lack of fragrance in Dial Gold products. In this article, we’ll take a look at the scent of Dial Gold products and whether or not it does indeed have fragrance. The answer may surprise you!

Is Dial Gold unscented?

Dial soap is fragrance-free but has a light, soapy scent. Some people might even think the scent smells like fresh laundry. The same ingredients are found in the original formula and Dial Gold, so there is no reason to believe one will be more effective than the other. The original has a lighter fragrance than some other brands, and this can be appealing for those who are sensitive to strong scents or those who prefer unscented products.

Does Dial have a fragrance?

Dial does not have any fragrance. The fragrance for the product is a combination of spearmint, lavender, and peppermint oils. This blend has been said to make the body feel fresh. Many people do not notice the scent while they are showering but notice it when they leave the shower and get dressed.

What does gold Dial soap smell like?

Gold dial soap does not have any fragrance, which is why it’s preferred by those sensitive to fragrances. The soap doesn’t leave any scent on the skin, which may be a factor in some people choosing gold Dial over others. If you’re looking for a scent-free bar or want something to smell like cleanliness and nothing else, this is your choice.

Is Dial soap scented?

The scents of dial soap are created by the use of essential oils, according to the company website.

  • Dial soap is not made with fragrance but with essential oils. 
  • Some customers complain because they don’t want their skin to absorb these essential oils. 
  • This is a common concern for people trying to avoid certain chemicals in beauty products and those who suffer from allergies or sensitivities to artificial fragrances.

Types of Dial soaps

The different types of dial soap are as follows:

  • Original Pure & Natural is the original and basic type of Dial with no fragrance. 
  • Original Olive Oil & Shea Butter contains olive oil and shea butter for a moisturizing formula. 
  • Extra Moisturizing Olive Oil & Shea Butter contains olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera for a rich formula that leaves skin feeling soft. 
  • Original Cherry Blossom contains cherry blossom fragrance for a fresh springtime scent. 
  • Original Sweet Pea contains sweet pea fragrance for a fresh floral scent. 
  • White Musk is a clean and refreshing aroma. 
  • Warm Citrus creates a warm, citrusy vibe. 
  • Cotton Candy has a sweet, sugary aroma. 
  • Glow Berry has berries mixed with vanilla. 
  • Wild Watermelon has watermelon mixed with other fruity scents.
  • Sugar Plum has plum mixed with vanilla.
  • Ginger Peach has peach mixed with ginger. 

Is Dial soap harsh on your skin?

Dial soap is renowned for being gentle on the skin, which is why many people use it to wash their faces and hands. It contains glycerin, a moisturizing ingredient that helps keep skin from drying out. It also has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera gel to help nourish the skin. Other brands may contain harsh ingredients that irritate your skin and cause rashes or dry patches. Still, Dial does not contain these ingredients, so it’s much safer for your sensitive skin!

Dial soap for the face is fragrance-free and perfect for those who need a sensitive skin option. Soap can cause breakouts if your skin is already prone to acne, so this gentle soap may be a perfect choice. While it is not technically marketed as a cleanser or face wash, it will still do the job!


Yes, when it comes to their newest product line of Dial soap. A fragrance that perfumers formulated. Fragrances are a subset or a branch in the area of personal care known as beauty care. It is well documented that most fragrance products make things smell good while remaining functional. With this in mind, it only makes sense that a hygiene company would eventually create a new product solely to make you smell nice when you’re dirty. Hence, you can always read the ingredients of the product when you are buying it.


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