Does DampRid Really Work?


According to the reviews from hundreds of people on Amazon and discussion forums, DampRid really works! DampRid works exactly like a humidifier, but without electricity.

DampRid is made up of moisture-absorbing crystals that absorb the excess moisture in the air which can cause stale, musty odors, and fungus due to humidity. This helps you prevent damage to your home and other belongings.

DampRid’s pack of 3(16 oz) is priced at USD 10.99 and is easily available at online shopping websites such as Amazon or your local Walmart and HomeDepot as well.

What causes humidity at home? 

There are many reasons why some rooms in your home can get quite humid. 

  • Washing dishes

Washing dishes, especially with hot water, increases humidity. Running hot water always increases the moisture factor in the surroundings.

  • Doing laundry

This is another reason for increased humidity at home. You must have noticed how you always feel humid when you are in your local laundromat or are doing laundry yourself.

If you are doing your laundry at home, close the door of your laundry room to minimize humidity.

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  • Showering and bathing 

Free running water always increases the moisture factor and thus humidity. Water evaporates and stays suspended in your bathroom and this increases the water content in the air.

  • Cooking

You must have noticed that kitchens can get quite humid. The walls get moldy down the line as well. This is because cooking increases humidity, and you should take necessary measures to keep that humidity in control by using a dehumidifier in your kitchen.

If your house is a little crowded, chances are that your house might be more humid than normal. In that case, you must use a dehumidifier. 

Signs you need to try DampRid

If you have noticed a musty, damp smell in certain rooms or areas of your home, chances are that there is excess moisture in these areas. You may use DampRid to get rid of this.

If you have been noticing an increase in pests such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, then you need to get rid of the dampiness as these pests thrive in damp conditions. 

You also need DampRid to get rid of the excessive moisture and dampness if there have been leakages in a pipe as this can cause mold to breed quickly in your house.

How does DampRid work? 

DampRid is essentially a bag or tab of moisture-absorbing crystals which are filled to one-half of the given container. As soon as you take the DampRid out of its packaging the crystals activate and will start working.

How to use DampRid?

DampRid comes in a number of different packaging to help with specific use-cases.

If you are using DampRid Hanging Moisture Absorber, simply take out one of the hanger bags from the package and hang it in your room, closet, or wherever you intend to use it. After the bag is filled with water and the crystals have dissolved, simply drain all the water into a toilet and flush it down.

If you are using the refillable DampRid, then simply open the tab and cover it with the lid that is included with the product. This lid contains tiny holes to let air in. You may place the tab in a corner of the room.

With the disposable DampRid, you simply have to open the lid and keep the product in a corner for it to start working. After the crystals harden and the water collection compartment has been filled, dispose of the water and safely dispose of the crystals along with the tub. 

DampRid works, but is it really effective? 

While it is certain that DampRid is quite effective at bringing down humidity, and preventing mold, you should know that it can only absorb excess moisture in high-humid conditions. You may not notice a lot of moisture being absorbed when the ambient humidity is under 50%.

DampRid is also very cost-effective, for USD 10.99 a box can last you for around 4 months. 

Where can you use DampRid?  

DampRid can be placed in any room or location where you notice high humidity. 

The Drop-In Moisture Absorbing Tab is ideal for your basement, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or laundry room – typically any open area in your house with high humidity. You can also use it in an RV, campervan, or boat when outdoors.

The Hanging Moisture Absorber is good for your closet, gym locker, or laundry room. 

The Hi-Capacity Moisture Absorber is good for larger spaces, offices, and outdoors (boats, RVs, etc.)

Does DampRid work in bathrooms and which one should you use?

Yes, DampRid is quite effective for bathrooms. Bathrooms are quite vulnerable to molds as they are usually moist and usually don’t have good ventilation. Mold in bathrooms can cause harm to the walls and might even spread to the pipes. Thus it is very important to make sure that moisture is not present in excess. 

Use DampRid’s refillable tubs to get rid of the excess moisture in your bathroom. You could place one below the cabinet where ventilation is often quite poor.

Also, make sure that you regularly wipe out water from the floor. DampRid does not work on standing water. 

How effective is DampRid in larger areas? 

You can use DampRid for larger areas such as your basement, or your garage. DampRid’s Hi-Capacity Moisture Absorber is ideal for these places. One 4lb tab will last you for around 6 months, so it is cost-effective as well.

The Hi-Capacity Moisture Absorber also absorbs excess moisture due to water damage such as leakage in the pipes. You also do not have to worry about kids or pets coming in contact with the crystals as the tab is completely sealed and is not easily accessible.

Can you use DampRid in a car? 

Yes! DampRid for cars is a great choice! You can simply get a bag of DampRid which you can hang from a seat using its inbuilt hanger of the bag. It’ll help you rid of the mustiness from your car. It’s a good idea to leave the bag in the car for 3 days with all the windows and doors tightly closed. This captures all the humidity from inside the car and you’ll be good to go. You can also use Odor Genie by DampRid. It is a solid gel that will effectively absorb odors for up to 60 days. However, the Odor Genie will not absorb moisture.

For the long-term, however, get your car interiors cleaned regularly and roll windows down to keep humidity down naturally.

How well does DampRid work in a kitchen? 

Kitchens regularly get infected with mold because of constant exposure to humid conditions. This can be very harmful to your health as well as your house. Dampness in the kitchen can also spread to the windows and ruin the frame of the windows.

DampRid’s Refillable Moisture Absorber is a good choice to help prevent dampness. This gets rid of the excess moisture in the kitchen’s air and helps remove the musty odor as well. As this is refillable, you’ll find this very cost-effective and you can also save money by just refilling it after regular intervals. 

Is it safe to use DampRid in a closet?

DampRid is ideal for removing dampness from closets and other closed spaces like gym lockers. Leave a DampRid Hanging Moisture Absorber hanging inside your closet for a few days, and this will absorb all the excess moisture.

Dampness in the closet is very dangerous for your clothes as this attracts insects like silverfish as well as contributes to the growth of mold.

Does DampRid work for window condensation?

Condensation takes place when water from a cold surface comes in contact with humid air. 

Condensation on the windows isn’t as harmless as it seems. Water can easily come in contact with the frame of the windows and the surrounding wall thus causing damage to the frame and the walls. It is important to get rid of it constantly. 

Using a DampRid might partially get rid of the condensation on the windows, but it’ll never be enough. DampRid users who have tried it to bring down condensation have pointed out that it is not quite effective for this purpose.

There are other ways to avoid condensation on windows. Ensure that there is proper ventilation in the room by opening the windows. You can also turn on the air conditioner to keep the air dry.

Does DampRid work in winter?

During the winter season, humidity is quite low and the air is dry. The moisture content in the air is low as well. However, on some cold days you still might experience humidity and in turn moisture content in the air. On such days, you can use DampRid to get rid of the extra moisture content. DampRid may be placed in bathrooms, basements, or closets, or in any place that gathers excess humidity.

Does DampRid work on phones?

If you ever drop your phone in water, DampRid could save your phone’s life. DampRid’s dehumidifying crystals are made of anhydrous calcium chloride. You can put your phone into the bag so the crystals can absorb all the dampness and you’ll have a chance of saving your phone. 

Is DampRid as good as a Dehumidifier?

Although DampRid is a very good alternative to an electric humidifier, there are a few differences between the two.

1. Ambient Working Conditions

DampRid only works if the humidity is above 60% or more, but you can adjust a dehumidifier to below 60% humidity as well.

2. Affordability

Damprid is quite affordable. With a price starting at USD 10.99 and considering that it lasts for over 45 days, DampRid is easily affordable.

A dehumidifier on the other hand costs way more, typically over USD 100. Thus if money is the factor, you could go for DampRid.

3. Smell

DampRid has a characteristic scent that can be unpleasant to some customers.  Some users have reported nauseousness while sitting anywhere near a DampRid. While you do have an unscented version of DampRid available, users have reported that this has a strong smell to it, as well.

Dehumidifiers on the other hand have no such issues and some even come with air purifiers, thus giving out fresh and clean air to breathe in. 

4. Ineffectiveness In Large Rooms

Also, although you can technically use DampRid in large rooms and basements, it is nearly as effective as a dehumidifier in these conditions. Invest in a good dehumidifier if DampRid doesn’t work for your specific needs.

5. Water Bag Fragility

Another issue with DampRid which users report is how fragile the water storage bag is. It reportedly pops even at the slightest touch when filled and this can be quite a nuisance.

While dehumidifiers don’t have this problem, you must also consider that you cannot leave them on in an empty house as they work on electricity and can be a fire hazard. 


DampRid is an affordable alternative to an electric dehumidifier. Although it comes with its cons such as unpleasant smell and fragile packaging, it also does its work to a great extent, preventing mold and in turn saving you a fortune on wall and window frame repairs. Overall, you can consider giving DampRid a try before investing in an expensive dehumidifier. 


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