Are Crocs Clogs True to Size? Do You Size Up Or Down?

Crocs Clogs size guide

Some might consider Crocs to be ugly, but there are a lot of bright sides to them which attract the buyer. And they are really popular. They check all the boxes of comfortable, easy to clean, and fashionable. Plus, they are lightweight and waterproof. Their multi-purpose nature draws in many customers.

Crocs clogs are usually true to size, but it depends on what you choose. There are certain crocs designed especially for work, while others for comfort. The style and size fit you choose will be a deciding factor here.

Crocs Clogs Size Chart

You can find the Crocs Size Chart on their website. They have categorized it for women, men, unisex, and kids.

How are Crocs clogs supposed to fit?

Crocs clogs are available in three types of fit: roomy fit, relaxed fit, and standard fit. You can choose from these based on what best suits your needs.

Roomy fit

This is the one that lets your feet breathe the most. Your feet won’t be in constant contact with the sides of the clogs. For this fit, the inside front of the clogs shouldn’t touch your toes. This fit is spacious and feels quite comfortable. Some models in roomy fit contain a heel-hugging back strap so that your feet don’t come off, which provides you more stability.

Relaxed fit

This isn’t as spacious as the roomy fit. Your feet occasionally touch the sides of the clogs’ walls. But there is wiggle room for your toes, which is to say there is space between the front of the clogs and your toes. Even the top of the clogs and your feet have enough space to make you feel comfortable. The relaxed fit is tighter compared to the roomy fit, but it feels quite stable while walking.

Standard fit

This is a snug fit compared to roomy and relaxed fits. It isn’t a tight fit that makes your feet uncomfortable, rather they hug them comfortably, giving you just the space you need. With this fit, there’s no worry about your feet coming off. Your feet remain in a constant place and do not ride up or down inside the clogs. Except for the front, all sides hug your feet comfortably. The toes, as usual, have wiggle room to keep them relaxed.

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How do you know what size crocs to get?

Now, what size crocs you should get depends on what you are looking to use them for. As we saw above, they are available in three fits. They have designed them according to their specified uses.

If you are looking to wear them for work, then the standard fit is your go-to option. The standard-fit works best for professional use. And you don’t want your clogs sliding off your feet at work, so these work best.

If you just want to wear them while walking around the house or on quick errands, then the roomy and relaxed fits are a comfortable option for casual use. If a lot of space is what you want, then pick the roomy fit over the relaxed ones.

You can take a look at different models and check which size to pick for them.

Crocs Classic Clogs

Crocs Classic Clogs are very popular. They are comfortable to wear for walking inside the house and even for outdoor leisure walks. These clogs are designed to be spacious. They have ventilation pores to help your feet breathe. There is a back strap available for stability, so your feet won’t slip off. There’s enough wiggle room for your toes in the front to keep them relaxed. 

If you want to go for this model but want a snug fit, then you might want to consider scaling one size down. Otherwise, go for your usual size.

Crocs Bistro Clogs

Crocs Bistro Clogs have a roomy fit like the Classic Clogs, except that these are a little snug because of their style. But you should consider buying the same size you’d get for classic clogs. They do not have ventilation pores and are completely packed in the front. Due to this style, water cannot seep in from the front.

Crocs on the Clock Clogs

These are slip-resistant shoes as they have padding above the heel. Crocs on the Clock clogs provide a relaxed fit. They are most suitable for professionals that need to be on their feet all day long. If you have narrow feet, you might want to consider ordering one size down. While for the rest of us, they are true to their size.

Do Crocs shrink in the sun?

Yes, crocs shrink when exposed to intense heat. They tend to shrink when left in a hot car, washed in a dishwasher, or left out in the sun.

They make crocs from Croslite, a foam resin made from a polymer called EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). They randomly put together the polymer chain and hold the shape after heating, rolling, and cooling them into an ordered form. So, when you heat them again, this configuration gets disrupted and they shrink.

Do Crocs stretch with wear?

Just like any other shoes that tend to stretch during the first few days you wear them, Crocs are no different in this matter. They stretch a little for the first few days. Once the break-in period is over, you will not have to worry about them stretching any further.

Also, take note that the break-in period might depend on the style and size fit you choose for your Crocs. As Crocs are very comfortable right from the first time you put them on, the break-in period might not be as painful as with other footwear.

Should Crocs feel loose?

Now, this will depend on the fit you choose. As mentioned above, a roomy and relaxed fit feels loose when compared to a standard fit. But they won’t make you feel uncomfortably loose. Even the roomy ones are spacious but not so loose that they come off your feet. Crocs are meant to comfortably hug your feet and give you just the space you need.

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Should you size up or down for half sizes in Crocs?

Crocs aren’t available in half sizes. So, for those wearing half-sizes, we suggest you scale up one size. If you usually wear a half-size, then for Crocs, get the nearest large full-size. Many users who have scaled-down have noticed that the shoes feel tighter on their feet. In order to have a comfortable experience wearing Crocs, scale up one size for half sizes.

Should you wear Crocs with socks?

So, this is totally up to you. You can wear Crocs with or without socks. Some prefer to wear Crocs sock-free during summer, while others prefer to wear socks to not have sweaty feet. When you might take part in water-based activities, wearing them without socks is an obvious option.

With the spacious Crocs size fits, like roomy and relaxed, they have them designed as such that you can wear them even with thick socks. During winter, you’d especially enjoy wearing Crocs with socks.

Some people don’t like how Crocs with socks look, but that’s no reason to not wear them with socks. If Crocs with socks are what you like, then go for it! Just so you know, there are certain Crocs available with in-built socks.

What do you do if your Crocs are too big?

Sometimes Crocs tend to stretch out, which might cause discomfort, defying their very own motto of providing comfort to your feet. If this happens to you, then fret not! You can shrink them. But you need to be careful while doing this. You can shrink them to a certain extent, but once it’s done, you cannot alter them again. It would mess up their structure completely if not done carefully.

How do you loosen tight Crocs?

Your Crocs tightening on your feet can really be an uncomfortable experience. They might have shrunk or tightened due to any reason, but you can loosen them. There are three ways to lose your tight Crocs.

Wear them with thick socks

This is a simple method to loosen your Crocs but will require patience. You’ll need 3-4 pairs of thick socks. Wear your Crocs with these socks for quite some time for a couple of days. By doing this, your Crocs will slowly start stretching. And once they have loosened to your comfort level, you are all set to go.

Heat them in hot water

Heat some water and then put your Crocs in them for less than a minute. Take them out and let them come down to a temperature that is bearable for you to put your feet in them. Once it does, walk around for about 5-10 minutes wearing them. Eventually, the Crocs will loosen and reach a point of your comfort.

Heat them with a hairdryer

Use a good quality dryer that you can heat to its maximum level. Wrap it in a towel and put it inside your Crocs. Heat them for about 3 minutes and monitor the Crocs’ material throughout this time. After that, immediately put on a pair of thick socks and walk around in your Crocs for about 10 minutes. Remove your socks and check whether you feel any difference. If not, then you can repeat this process. Otherwise, you are good to go.

How do you tighten loose Crocs?

In case your Crocs feel too loose for you, you can tighten them. Put them in a dryer along with two wet towels. Set the heat level to low or medium and set the time for 3 minutes initially. The dryer will heat them and the wet towels will balance the whole thing and eventually have them stretched out.

Throughout the process, keep an eye on the Crocs. Too much heat can end up damaging them completely. So, you need to keep checking. After 3 minutes, check if they got heated. If so, then take them out and let them cool before trying them on. If they didn’t yet get heated, put them back in for another 3 minutes. Once they are cool, try them on and check if they have loosened. If not, then you can repeat the process.

Through this method, you can have your Crocs loosened to a point where they start to feel comfortable.

So, the size you pick for Crocs clogs will depend on the style and size fit you choose. But they are usually true to their size. The above-mentioned points will help you figure out your questions regarding their sizing. And help you find or make your Crocs more comfortable.


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