Does Charmin Toilet Paper Have Fragrance? 


For the longest time, Charmin toilet paper did not have any added fragrances or scents. In 2014, the company introduced the Charmin Plus Chamomile Mega Roll Bathroom Tissue. 

This toilet roll variety from the brand contained a chamomile fragrance that was soothing and calmative. It was introduced after customer surveys indicated that people might like scented toilet paper either due to habit or just for a more pleasant experience. 

But this scented version is hard to come by nowadays. It is not available on the official website for sale, but it does seem to be available in some online grocery stores. It isn’t clear if it has been taken off the market. 

However, the toilet paper that remains on the market is 100% fragrance-free.

What ingredients are in Charmin Toilet Paper Fragrance? 

Charmin Toilet Paper ranges do not contain added fragrances or scents. But there may be certain additives that add a scent, though that is not their primary function. 

For example, the Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper and the Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper rolls contain conditioner. The conditioner is meant to provide softness. It may, by default impart a faint, comforting smell that has no characteristics. 

There are no details on what ingredients make up the conditioner, but it is definitely a mix of chemicals. The Charmin Ultra Gentle toilet paper also does not contain added fragrances. But it does have a lotion made up of mineral oil, paraffin, and steareth-2. 

This is usually odorless, but if you are very sensitive it may smell a bit greasy or oily. The lotion is added to prevent chafing and to give a smooth wipe. Some limited varieties have an aloe whiff in them as well. 

The Charmin Plus Chamomile Mega Roll Bathroom Tissue uses chamomile, probably through a carrier lotion. What form of chamomile is used e.g. essential oil, perfume, or others is not disclosed. 

The Charmin Flushable Wipes do contain added scents. They contain the following chemicals: 

  • 2-T- Butylcyclohexyl Acetate

This chemical compound imparts a fruity aroma that oscillates between apples, pears, and slightly herbaceous and citrusy notes. 

  • Amyl Cinnamal

This compound replicates a mild, jasmine and tuberose-like scent which is also very aquatic. 

  • HydroxyCintronellal 

This fragrance ingredient imparts a lily-of-the-valley scent that is fresh, crisp, and green. 

  • Propanoic Acid, 2-Methyl-,2-Phenoxyethyl

This complex-sounding compound is merely a rosy, floral scent added to tissue rolls. 

Are the Charmin Toilet Roll fragrance ingredients safe for the body? 

Charmin Toilet Rolls are by and large safe and non-sensitizing for your body. As previously noted, there are no fragrance ingredients used. 

The composition of the conditioners is not made public, so safety can’t be assessed. The lotion in the Ultra-Gentle has ingredients that are completely non-toxic unless you have specific allergies to wax, paraffin, or mineral oils.

If you have an allergy to these lubricants, you will notice redness, rashes, or inflammation on your skin, in which case you can stop using them. The Cetearyl alcohol used is minimal, but it may burn or irritate very sensitive skin.

If you notice a tingling or stinging sensation, stop using it. In all other aspects, the Charmin tissue rolls are perfectly safe for the body, soft on your skin, and also give you value for money. 

The fragrance ingredients in the Charmin Wipes are a little more complex. The HydroxyCintronellal has very low toxicity both with regard to skin and inhalation. 

The same applied for 2-T- Butylcyclohexyl Acetate, whereas Amyl Cinnamate may cause slight skin aggravation or dermal irritation. If it gets in your eyes, it may lead to stinging or redness, so make sure you rinse it out although ocular tolerance is pretty high. 

Are there fragrance-free Charmin Toilet Rolls? 

All Charmin Toilet Rolls are fragrance-free, except for the Charmin Plus Chamomile Mega Roll Bathroom Tissue. 

The latter has chamomile as a part of the ingredients, but it is perfectly safe. It actually benefits the skin because it has anti-acne, mildly astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties which are great for sensitive skin. Avoid it if you have an allergy though. 

All other toilet roll ranges are free of any added fragrances be it perfumes or masking scents. The lotions or conditioners may mask the scents as a secondary function, but no fragrances are added to block the smell of the other ingredients. 


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