Is Alaffia Color-Safe? 

Alaffia shampoo

Alaffia has several popular shampoo brands, including Authentic African Black Soap Extra Moisture Shampoo, Authentic African Black Soap Scalp Care Shampoo, EveryDay Coconut Shampoo, EveryDay Shea Shampoo – Unscented, and Neem Turmeric Clarifying Shampoo. None of the top-selling shampoos and body washes that we checked are color-safe. The Best-Selling Shampoos On Alaffia Alaffia has a …

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Does Charmin Toilet Paper Have Fragrance? 


For the longest time, Charmin toilet paper did not have any added fragrances or scents. In 2014, the company introduced the Charmin Plus Chamomile Mega Roll Bathroom Tissue.  This toilet roll variety from the brand contained a chamomile fragrance that was soothing and calmative. It was introduced after customer surveys indicated that people might like …

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