Does Bioderma have Fragrance? 


Bioderma offers both fragrance-included and fragrance-free products. The inclusion of fragrances or scents also depends on the purpose of the product. 

Some meant for sensitive skin may not contain irritating fragrances that may cause contact dermatitis or irritation. Other products do have fragrances that add to their value and utility. 

Either way, all Bioderma products with or without fragrance are dermatologist-approved, which greatly minimizes the risk of any skin aggravation. But other issues such as breathing problems, nasal allergies, or reactions such as asthma or migraines may occur.

Which Bioderma Products have fragrances? 

The following Bioderma products have added fragrances or scents: 

  • Sébium Exfoliating Gel
  • Nodé Fluid Shampoo
  • Hydrabio Essence Lotion, Hydrabio Mask, and Gel-Cream
  • Atoderm Cleansing Oil, Shower Gel
  • ABCDerm Cleansing Milk, Cold-Cream Body Cream and Face Cream, and Moisturizing Milk

The products that use fragrance include daily cleansers and skincare like the Nodé Fluid Shampoo and the ABCDerm line, and occasional-use products like the Sébium Exfoliating Gel or the Hydrabio Mask. 

The skin and hair types targeted are vast in scope. They include:  

  • Combination to Oily skin 
  • Skin Prone to Irregularities 
  • Dehydrated Dry Skin 
  • Normal to Dry Sensitive Skin 
  • Dehydrated Sensitive Skin 
  • Dry to Very Dry Skin 
  • Normal Delicate Skin 

The fragrance ingredients used in these products are not disclosed. Fragrances in cosmetics and other personal-care products are not regulated. So manufacturers like Bioderma don’t need to transparently list out the composition of their fragrance profiles.

Fragrance profiles can comprise up to 250 or more ingredients. Since there is no clarity on the specifics, only possibilities can be explored.  Whether fragrances are added as parfum or essential oils, they can trigger a response. 

In general, the possible side effects of fragrances can include: 

Skin Rashes 

Fragrances are known to be absorbed by the skin, causing rashes, irritation, hives, contact dermatitis, and allergies. If you notice inflammation, redness, and itching, it could be because of added scents. 

Essential oil-based fragrances can also cause a tingling sensation. 

Watering Eyes 

Strong fragrances or essential oils can cause your eyes to water because of their sharp pungency. If scented products enter your eyes, they can cause redness and swelling. 

Sinuses or migraines 

Fragrances possibly affect nasal systems the most. It can cause allergies and blockages. It may trigger sinuses or migraines if the scent is quite strong. It can also worsen breathing problems like asthma. 

Makes hair dry 

Bioderma and other cosmetic ranges may offer hair products with added fragrances. Harsh chemicals, alcohol, or phthalates in synthetic fragrances can dry out your hair, making it brittle and straw-like. 

Essential oils in hair products can aggravate scalp conditions, flaking, scaling, and dandruff by causing sebum imbalance. 

Many skin types, especially sensitive, dry, and acne-prone skin can experience worsening symptoms if fragrances are used. But the Bioderma formulas all adhere to the high-tolerance and high-safety standards, such as the ABCDerm formulation charter. 

They also use patented composition technologies such as the D.A.F.™, Non-Detergence, Skin Barrier Therapy, and Aquagenium patents. These technologies protect and reinforce the skin barrier, making it less vulnerable to fragrance aggravation. 

They also increase skin tolerance threshold, maintain skin balance and improve resistance. These components shield the skin from any of the negative impacts of added fragrance, hence Bioderma is dermatologically recommended. 

The FluidActive complex preserves the hydrolipid film, along with vegetal bio-lipids and Vitamin PP. Together they reduce any skin discomfort stemming from fragrances. 

These ingredients work to soothe, moisturize and repair dry or damaged skin, which is more prone to adverse reactions from fragrances. In a nutshell, Bioderma formulas combat and cancel out any potential negative effects of added fragrance. 

In addition, the fragrances used are very light, gentle, and soothing. They are safe, non-comedogenic, and don’t block your nose. They also do not burn or sting your eyes; ocular tolerance is high.  

The Node Fluid Shampoo is also a non-stripping, non-detergent-based shampoo that protects the scalp and hair. By reinforcing the skin of the scalp and shielding the hair cuticles, fragrances are less likely to cause a problem.

These products can be used on the face, body, and hair, without triggering flare-ups or breakouts. However, if you have allergies to any specific ingredient, consult your dermatologist before using the products. 

What does BioDerma smell like? 

Most Bioderma products barely have a discernible scent- the fragrance is very light and breezy. But some have a distinct fragrance, although not too strong. These include:  

  • Sebium Gel Moussant – Aquatic, fresh fragrance 
  • Atoderm Cleansing Oil – Mild floral fragrance
  • ABCDerm Cleansing Milk- Clean, ozonic fragrance
  • Sebium H20 Micellar Water – Cucumber-like, crisp fragrance


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