The 4 Best LinkSoul Hoodies This Season

LinkSoul hoodies

If you are looking for a key piece to compose your outfit this season, you can not miss out on the new collection of hoodies from LinkSoul. 

Just because the temperatures are higher and warmer during the summer it does not mean you can not wear a hoodie to rock your style out there. 

Comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear they are always the perfect every-weather garment.

The pastel pallete of colours enhance the minimalist approach of the brand creating unique pieces that go well with any style. There are plenty of options to fit a day out in nature, to practice physical activities indoors or outdoors, or to hang out with friends. 

Curious to see how they look? As a matter of example, follow below some of the stylish hoodies designed by the fashion brand.

The New Standard Hoodie – $65

The Standard Hoodie from LinkSoul

Available in dark grey heather, ink heather, and black heather colors, this hoodie has a silkscreened white logo on the sleeves giving it a creative look.

The hoodie is made with 56% organic cotton, 40% recycled poly, and 4% lycra. While reviews for the standard hoodie are generally positive, keep an eye on the size – it tends to run small sometimes.

The Groove – $65

The Groove from LinkSoul

The iconic silkscreened ink heather hoodie comes with artwork by Geoff Cunningham, the co-founder of LinkSoul, and it is a lightweight piece.

The material is same as what you had with the Standard hoodie and you have a Kangaroo pocket to keep your cold hands warm in the early mornings.

The Groove has generally received favorable reviews from its buyers, although like the Standard, it tends to run small.

The Double-Knit Full-Zip Hoodie – $95

double-knit full-zip hoodie from LinkSoul

Available in 5 colours, this model is the most versatile option given its Full-Zip style. This hoodie is made with 93% cotton, and 7% poly. This one has no drawstring – and this is a pro, or a con, depending on your individual preference.

The one thing we hear over and over again from past customers is how soft the material really is. In terms of size, it fits right; might tend to run large a bit.

The Waffle – $120

The waffle hoodie from LinkSoul

This model represents the company at its finest minimalist style of LinkSoul.

Available in sand heather, black heather and dark navy this model have the best reviews on the website for being the fittest option. Made of 95% of cotton, and 5% cashmere, this one should be cold hand washed and lay flat to dry. 

LinkSoul collection of hoodies are mostly made of cotton which guarantees a soft touch and perfect fitting ideal for this season.The high-quality material gives confidence that it will last for a long time.

The company provides a full range of variety in models and sizes go from small to XXL. The good news is that most of them can be washed machine. 

The North American company will ship your favorite LinkSoul items to hundreds of countries worldwide with free shipping and free returns policy to any shop over $150. So what are you waiting for?

You definitely have no reason to not get a hoodie for this summer.

Please consult their official website for  further information. 

Linksoul is a male clothing brand that connects fashion to a lifestyle represented by a minimalist design. The creators funded the company in the United States of America after working in the men’s clothing industries (golf and surfing) for decades.

Given their large experience, their philosophy is based on creating products with value, made of love to the people, for the good of families and community. The clothes produced by them reflect the spirit of Tempus Fugit, Latin, meaning Times Flies, so better make a fulfilled use of it giving attention to what values the most.

That is a beautiful viewpoint for a company and life in overall and the brand is delivering exactly that.



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