Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip – All You Need To Know

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip

When you first come across the name, Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip is kinda confusing. Is it food or a cosmetic? We’ll clarify that and everything else about the product in this review. 

Well, to start off with the first concern, Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips are a beauty product, specifically an edible liquid lipstick. Anything related to bakeries is “brand identity” as the lipsticks in question claim to be completely edible and smudge-proof on food and cutlery.

Let’s take a look at them in detail. 

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips offer a wide lineup of products related to lipsticks. They have a unique combination of products they recommend for every look you choose, which result in healthy, soft lips and a smudge-free, bold color.

So what’s the beauty regimen for your lips? Well, it’s different for every product you choose. The color assortment is pretty wide as well, featuring different combinations of shades and finishes, something we’ll take a closer look at as well.

In addition to all of this, Beauty Bakerie products are also 100% vegan and the company tries to fund and solve social issues in developing countries while also providing products that are healthy and don’t cause long-term ailments to their customers.

Things like these are a reality of the beauty world, which is why a company going against the norm and speaking out on what’s right are very good examples that show the love and dedication the team puts into their products. They also solve issues related to discrimination and provide opportunities to people who have been discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, and other factors.


As mentioned before, Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip products come in combinations of shades and finishes to provide you with multiple options. The color palette includes varying shades of black, brown, nude, pink, purple, and red. The finishes include Creme, Gloss, High Shine, Matte, Metallic, and Shimmer.

All of their products have many product-specific and common benefits. All of their products are hydrating, long-wearing, moisturizing, smudge-proof, and waterproof. Let’s take a look at their products briefly. 

Lip Whips

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips are long-lasting liquid lipsticks in varying combinations of shades and textures as we discussed above. The shades range from bright and light to bold and dark colors. You’re definitely going to find a shade and texture that you can rock wherever you go. All Lip Whip variants are available at 3.5ml and $20 each.


These Lip Whips are made to be long-lasting, smudge-proof and waterproof. They also don’t stick to food and cutlery, preventing you from eating the lipstick.  Even if you do end up licking a little lipstick, all the ingredients in the lipstick are safe and won’t cause any adverse effects.

The products are also free from any animal cruelty or testing during production and they’re also fully vegan. The last and probably the best benefit is that they last all day long and require no reapplication at all.

Pssst. They’re also perfect if you’re planning on making out with someone.

You can kiss a loved one, eat without a problem, or go for a swim if you desire without any worry about your lipstick coming in the way and messing up your experience. 

Usage Instructions

Usage instructions (or as Beauty Bakerie likes to call them ‘baking tips’) for the Lip Whips are relatively easy, and they’re also the beauty regimen we touched on earlier.

You start off by exfoliating your lips using the sugar lip scrub (purchased separately). You have to prepare the night before you want to apply the lip whip. Then, using the provided doe foot, apply even coats on your lips. Let each individual coat dry for at least 5 minutes and do not apply more than three coats or your lipstick will stay wet. That’s it. You’re good to go! You can also purchase a lip whip remover to make your life a little easier if you’re planning on using the Lip Whip every day.

Usage Cautions 

The safety of the product is nothing to doubt. It’s very safe, but due to its natural and safe nature, there are some things you need to look out for to avoid messing up your lipstick. 

For starters, it’s recommended to lip whips alone without layering them with other makeup as they can break down the lipstick. Things like lip liners are fine but they may reduce the longevity of your lipstick during the day.

Things like chapsticks, lip balms, vaseline, or anything else that might have oil in them is a no-go though, especially if you’re aiming for longevity as the oils in those products speed up the breakdown of the lipstick.

You also need to avoid smacking your lips. The Lip Whips are an ultra-matte formula and they will break down or flake apart if you smack your lips when they aren’t dry. Like we mentioned earlier, oil breaks down lipstick, so it’s a good idea to avoid oily foods if possible.

Since you’re not using any moisturizer or lip balm, your lips could get chapped and cause the lipstick to flake apart. You can exfoliate and hydrate to prevent that from happening. 

Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub 

The Beauty Bakerie sugar lip scrub is the same sugar scrub we talked about in our Lip Whip regimen. Made with ingredients that help remove dead skin cells on your lips or hydrate your lips depending on how you use it, it’s the perfect product to get your lips soft and smooth. You can use it as an exfoliate, a moisturizer, or a lip balm. It’s 3g and is available at 12$ with varying flavor options like peppermint, strawberry, peach, and maple syrup. 


The Beauty Bakerie sugar lip scrub has the perfect balance between friction and cream, which gently removes any dead skin on your lips without causing any harm to your lips. It’s also very good at hydrating your lips when left overnight. The product is completely vegan and the production of the product did not involve any animal testing or cruelty. 

Usage Instructions 

The sugar scrub is best used the night before you plan on using the lip whip. Once you’ve cleaned your lips with water, apply a small amount of sugar scrub on your lips and gently scrub in a round and circular motion to exfoliate your lips and remove any dead cells. Wipe all the excess off and apply small amounts before going to bed to hydrate your lips. 

Lip Whip Remover

Just like the name suggests, the lip whip remover makes it very easy to remove your lipstick by just using the wipes with the two-in-one oil-based formula that removes any of the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip products without any mess or hassle.

These wipes are certified to be safe by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists. They’re a must-have if you’re planning to apply Lip Whips every day as it makes life SO much easier. The Lip Whip Remover is available at 14$ for 50 wipes.


The lip whip remover removes your lipstick with the ease and the various oils like Jojoba and others will hydrate your lips instantly to give you a glossy look, which can come in handy if you need to remove your lipstick halfway through the day. Like all the other products, this one is also vegan and completely free from any cruelty or animal testing.

All Beauty Bakerie Products are Paraben Free.

Paraben is a chemical component naturally found in the human body and in vegetables. It has been used in cosmetics for a long time (since the 1970s at the very least) since they are preservatives that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

However, there have been some rumors that Paraben could cause cancer since it resembles estrogen and may cause a hormonal imbalance in the body. Whether it causes cancer or not, it’s definitely safer to not have it in your products at all.

About The Brand 

Beauty Bakerie was founded in 2011 by Cashmere Nicole. After having a really hard battle with breast cancer, Cashmere became extremely observant about what we apply and put into our bodies. As a result, she came with Beauty Bakerie with the motto to provide high-quality products that enhance someone’s beauty without harming their body.

Today, Nicole overlooks the creation of most of the products and takes examples from her everyday life to create products that other women would want. Sold in over 1000 locations, her brand also helps fund orphanages in developing countries. The brand has been dubbed “Activists in Makeup” and there’s not much to argue against that statement. 

The Bottom Line 

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips is an easy-to-use and healthy alternative to your everyday makeup. Additionally, knowing that the products you use help fund a poor child’s life gives you more incentive to buy the product. The product quality and reviews also hold up to its reputation. You’re sure to find your perfect combination to rock in the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip lineup.


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