Bascom Maple Catalog & Price Details

Check out the latest Bascom Maple catalog and price details.

Books and Cookbooks

Bascom Maple’s has an array of books and cookbooks including Maple Books, Cookbooks, Children’s Books, and DVDs. The Maple Books include everything from recipes of maple syrups to guide to backyard sugaring. The cookbooks have a variety of recipes regarding maple, from waffles and pancakes around the world to the Bascom family’s own recipes. The price ranges from $2.00 to $27.00. For children too, there are assorted books from coloring books to storybooks wherein the protagonist experiences his first ever maple sugaring season. The price ranges from $1.00 to $14.50. 

Not a reader? Do not worry about missing anything because they have DVDs for you to listen to and watch. Price ranges from $19.00 to $35.00


They have candy equipment from CDL Cream Machines to complete Leader Maple Candy Machines, Thermometers, Barometers, etc. Price ranges from $19.00 to $3323.50.

Candy molds come in various shapes and sizes and are made up of rubber for the convenience of popping candies out. Cups and boxes from asterisk-shape to rabbit shape are in stock. Price ranges from $3.00 to $85.00

Containers and Labels

They keep a variety of glass containers shaped beautifully of snowflakes and leaves in different capacities. Usable from salt and sugar dispensers to honey jars are available. The price range is from $0.90 to $96.00.

They have numerous plastic jugs of various sizes and awesome prints. Cream tubs and shakers are also available. Environment-friendly metal containers with imprinted maple leaves with prices ranging from $1.70 to $19.80 are available.

There are a variety of drum supplies too with appreciable volume . They also have drum carts and drum bungs.

Filter and canning

Filter presses of different sizes with or without diaphragm pumps are available starting from $46.85 to $4350.00 . Filter pumps and filter tanks are at hand.

The canning units with or without stand are in stock starting from $55.00 to $3636.00. The drums and drum supplies like drum carts are present. Drum bungs of varied sizes are in stock.

Reverse osmosis

Various RO units and its accessories are in stock.

Numerous models of RO machines are available in price ranges between $11,545.00 and $710.00. Various RO accessories like PH meter, PH test strips, RO filters etc. are available.

Sap Collection

Sap collection tanks, storage tanks, pick up tanks are available ranging in price as $95.00-$4908.00.  Tank couplings and valves made up of PVC and plastic are available in assorted sizes and the price range is from $3.40 to $48.00

Tank covers of distinct kinds are in stock. Rings for tank covers are also present. The price range is $6.25- $25.00. Bucket and bucket cover plastic sap buckets and its cover, together or separate are present in stock. Bucket brushes are also present .

All varieties of mainline and tubing, its fitting, gauges, tools like hole cutter drill, and mainline fitting tools ranging from $2.50 to $245.00 are available.


You can also check out the awesome merchandise of Bascom Maple from clothing, jewelry to dinner and tableware, magnets, ornaments, and signs. Bascom Maple sells t-shirts with their logo imprints in a variety of colors and sizes at $15.00 each. They have a collection of hats each priced at $12.00 each. 

Bowl sets are in stock and are priced at $19.00. Spoon and fork sets are available at a price of $5.00. 

Bascom Maple is based in New England and produces authentic Maple Syrup. They have been producing maple syrup since 1853 and with generations contributing to the business, the brand has only seen growth. Using the latest technology for harvesting saps, they are committed to serving their customers with the purest quality of maple syrup at a reasonable price.


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