Does Angel Soft Have Fragrance?

Angel soft toilet paper

Angel Soft has toilet paper products with and without fragrance. The fragrance versions offer toilet paper rolled around freshly scented tubes. They are available in different options, such as fresh citrus, fresh lavender, fresh ocean breeze, and fresh linen.

The fragrances are touted to metamorphize your bathroom with refreshing scents.

The quality of the paper used in fragrant versions is the same as non-fragrance ones – soft and strong.

What are the fragrance ingredients in Angel Soft toilet paper?

The company does not provide information on the fragrance ingredients it uses. Generally, the fragrances used in toilet paper include petroleum-based products, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, parfum, and other chemicals.

Is it safe to use Angel Soft scented toilet paper?

The scented versions of Angel Soft’s products do not contain fragrance in the toilet paper. According to the company website, the tube or the roll of the product is scented. The scent from the tube fills your bathroom with fragrance.

As the toilet paper does not contain fragrance, your skin does not come into contact with the chemicals. Meanwhile, the company has stated on its website that the fragrances are tested for safety.

The absence of skin contact with fragrance chemicals in toilet papers alone cuts down plenty of risk factors such as skin allergies, contact dermatitis, eczema, rashes, irritation on the primary level and urinary tract infection, rectal issues, cervical cancer, and fungal infections on a serious level.

With your exposure to fragrances in scented tubes limited to inhalation, as it seems, what are the side effects that could potentially threaten you?

The fumes of fragrances can impact your respiratory system as well as your eyes. They carry allergens that can cause irritation, pain, swelling, redness, and water discharge from your eyes.

When the fumes are inhaled, they can lead to a plethora of problems due to the presence of complex compounds and allergens in them. The issues could be nasal irritation, stuffy nose, headache, vomiting, nausea, breathing difficulties, asthma, and lung diseases. However, given the minimal exposure, you are fairly safe in inhaling the fragrance from the tube. 

The severity of the adverse effects depends on your sensitivity and neurological responses.

Further, let’s analyse if it is safe to use Angel Soft’s toilet papers with scented tubes in the following instances.


This is a condition where air passages are narrowed, causing shortness of breath, wheezing, and cough. Fragrances and odours are known to trigger and aggravate asthmatic conditions.

Dry eyes

Fragrance chemicals contain allergens that can cause burning sensations, water discharge, and irritation in the eyes. If you have dry eyes, the effect could be severe.


Undesirable and strong perfumes aggravate symptoms of migraine. Therefore, be mindful to check if the fragrances of the scented tubes suit you or not.


While pregnant, you experience an overwhelming sense of smell. Intense scents could trigger morning sickness, nausea, headaches, and mood changes in you.


Exposure to fumes of fragrance chemicals could be perilous to babies and children. It could bring about sneezing, cough, and nasal stuffiness in them. In the long run, it could result in wheezing, asthma, migraine, and similar conditions.


Dogs, cats, and other pets have heightened sensitivity to smell. Perfumes could make them sneeze. They could also alter their behaviour.

Is it better to use fragrance-free toilet paper?

Fragrances, especially in the bathroom, are undoubtedly pleasant. However, if exposure to them is negatively impacting you, it is better to switch to fragrance-free products.

Angel Soft has two versions of fragrance-free toilet paper. If you have heightened sensitivity to smell and fragrance chemicals, it is advisable to use these.

Additionally, to remove bad odour from your bathroom and infuse freshness, you could opt for safer alternatives like organic sprays, fragrant herbs, indoor plants, and opened windows.

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