Why Apollo Is the Best Selling Andar Wallet

Apollo Andar Wallet

If you’re looking for a new wallet, The Apollo by Andar is a great option. It has five card slots with a capacity of 1-10 cards, as well as a quick access slot in the front. You can use the quick access slot to store your most frequently used card. The wallet also includes a pocket with an elastic pull tab that can be used to store various cards, all of which are accessible with a gentle pull of the tab.

A money clip in the wallet enhances the user’s comfort by holding money and receipts in place with the assistance of a spring-loaded money clip.

The wallet has an extra ID compartment and is made from full-grain vintage leather, which is the best leather available in the market. The premium leather gives the wallet a smooth and sumptuous surface with a royal texture devoid of any defects. The high-quality leather not only gives it a regal appearance but also makes it durable.

The Cork version is constructed of a soft, thin, and long-lasting cork material that is water and stain-resistant. It comes with RFID protection that prevents theft and keeps your cards and personal information safe and secure.

The wallet is compact yet spacious, it provides ample space to the user even with a minimalistic design. It’s an ideal gift for your spouse, boyfriend, or sibling. The dimensions of the wallet are as follows:

4 1/8″ L x 2 7/8″ W x 3/8″ H

It is available in seven colors and is priced at $59. The wallet also comes with a one-year warranty.

How do I use my Andar Apollo wallet?

If you are someone in sales or a business owner who has to pull out a business card to hand over every now and then, then The Apollo is quite a handy tool. There is enough room in the wallet to store as many as 10-12 cards. The pull-tab feature at the back of the wallet lets you quickly flip one out each time you want to pull out a card to give out.

Where are Andar wallets made?

Andar was established in the year 2015 and is based out of Chandler, Arizona. The wallets are designed in Germany and are made in China.

Customers who have used the wallet have validated its quality and minimalistic design. They are quite satisfied with its look and compact, yet efficient storage. The wallet is very lightweight and isn’t bulky at all. The only gripe has been the slight color variation from what is shown to the user. Natural leather causes minor color differences in the finished product. Overall, it’s a fantastic wallet.

The Apollo is a wallet made out of a conglomeration of wallets by Andar with quality materials at an affordable price. Andar makes handcrafted items from high-quality materials at a reasonable price. The company’s mission is to clear the clutter from your life, organize it, and carry what matters. They produce one-of-a-kind patterns for everyday goods at a reasonable price.


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