Ana Silver Co Launches New Earrings And Pendants In 925 Sterling Silver

Ana Silver earrings and pendants

Ana Silver Co is an American company with headquarters in California on Pumice Street. The company makes one of its kind jewelry that is both best in quality while staying affordable. The company manufactures products such as necklaces, rings, a variety of chains, earrings, and pendants.

The earrings and pendants from Ana Silver are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans with 925 sterling silver and authentic gemstones.

Ana Silver Co also has its own brick-and-mortar shop for offline purchases. Customers looking to shop online may check out their company website. 

Ana Silver ships internationally too.

Let us take a look at some of the newest collections in Earrings and Pendants


Labradorite Signature Earrings 2″ (925 Sterling Silver) 

Ana Silver Co


Weighing around 7.5 grams, these earrings are made of 100% solid sterling silver. They are carved out of genuine labradorite and the silver used is cadmium or nickel free. It comes with a dangle to make fastening easy. The head size of the main gemstone is 13 x 11 mm.

Price  $82.99

Rhodochrosite Signature Earrings 2 1/4″ (925 Sterling Silver) 

Ana Silver Rhodochrosite sterling silver earring


Made with 100% Solid Sterling Silver, this pair of earrings is shaped out of genuine Rhodochrosite gemstones with a dangle attached to make fastening easy. The earrings weigh around 9 grams and. The main gemstone size is 18×19 mm.

Price $85.99.

Rough Citrine Earrings 2″ (925 Sterling Silver) 

The pair of earrings is a unique piece of jewelry with genuine Solid Sterling Silver. It is made of the Citrine gemstone with its head size, 15 x12 mm. It has a Stud attached to allow easy fastening for its end-users. There is no inclusion of cadmium and nickel.

Price: $55.99


Desert Druzy Pendant 2 1/4″ (925 Sterling Silver) 

Known for its genuine Solid Sterling Silver, the pendant has genuine Desert Druzy gemstone with its head size 40x29mm. The total weight is 14.8 grams. 

Price: $63.99

Rose Quartz Pendant 1 3/4″ (925 Sterling Silver) 

The Pendant is handcrafted with real Solid Sterling Silver. It consists of Rose Quartz Gemstones with its head size 19 x 14mm. Its total weight is 7.5 grams. 

Price $52.99

Poison Labradorite Pendant 1 1/2″ (925 Sterling Silver) 

Made with Labradorite gemstone and consisting of 100 % Solid Sterling Silver, this pendant weighs around 8 grams. The size of the gemstone is 13 x 9mm. The unique designs of the jewelry are handcrafted by the manufacturers.

.Price $52.99

Cobalto Calcite Druzy Pendants handcrafted by Ana Silver Co  

The Druzy pendants are made of genuine solid sterling silver with Cobalto Calcite Druzy gemstone. It weighs 8.5 grams and the head size is 30 x 19 mm. It is a unique piece of jewelry that is mainly handcrafted. 

Price: $54.99

Let us now try to answer some basic questions pertaining to Sterling Silver.

What is a 925 Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver or 925 Sterling Silver is a mixture of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metal types, mostly copper. Pure Silver has, in contrast, 99.9 % of silver with a negligible amount of copper in it. 

The ‘925’ in the name stands for the 92.5% silver in Sterling Silver. The soft and malleable nature of silver makes it difficult for artisans to create perfect designs, Adding metal like copper gives it a bit of hardness that enables jewelers to experiment with different designs and shapes for the final product. This makes 925 Sterling Silver quite popular among jewelers.

Is Sterling Silver Real Silver?

Real Silver or Pure Silver has 99.9% silver while Sterling Silver has 92.5% silver. That means Sterling Silver is definitely not real silver but looks quite similar. Also, since it can sometimes be made by adding copper, it looks more elegant as well.

Is Sterling Silver Cheaper Than Pure Silver?

Yes. Sterling silver is cheaper than pure silver This is because it only contains 92.5% silver unlike the latter, which comprises 99.9% silver.

What does Sterling Silver mean on Jewelry?

Sterling Silver is cheaper than fine silver which makes it easier for end-users to purchase it, These jewelry pieces are characterized by their hardness and durability in contrast to pure silver that is soft and malleable. Sterling allows manufacturers to make complex and intricate designs for the jewelry.

Is Sterling Silver worth anything?

Although sterling silver is cheaper than real silver, it is still nearly as expensive as it is made of 92.5% silver. The addition of gemstones to the piece of jewelry makes it pricier. The brand name of the seller could increase its price further too since brands such as Tiffany and Pandora may sell their sterling silver jewelry at higher prices than a company like Ana Silver.

What is the difference between Sterling Silver and 925 silver?

They are both the same. Sterling silver is also called 925  silver.

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