Is 7Up Zero Sugar Good Or Bad For You? Should You Avoid?

7Up Zero Sugar

Switching from regular 7Up to 7Up Zero Sugar may save you calories, but there is no strong medical evidence that it’s effective for weight loss or preventing obesity. Drinking a reasonable amount of diet or zero sugar soda a day, say once or twice a week, won’t harm you.

7Up Zero Sugar Ingredients

7Up Zero Sugar has almost the same ingredients as any other diet soda:

  • Carbonated Water

Just like most sodas, 7Up Zero Sugar is made by infusing carbon dioxide into water under pressure.

  • Sweeteners

This drink includes common artificial sweeteners, such as Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium which are 200–500 times sweeter than regular sugar. 

  • Acids

7Up Zero Sugar has citric acid used to add tartness to the drink. 

  • Colors

The best thing about 7Up Zero Sugar is that it has no artificial colors or dyes in it.

  • Flavors 

The brand says that it has used natural flavors in this diet soda and not artificial.

  • Preservatives

7Up Zero Sugar has the most commonly used preservatives- Potassium Benzoate and Calcium Disodium EDTA. These help diet sodas last longer on the shelf.

What Is The Difference Between Diet 7Up And 7Up Zero Sugar?

There is no difference between the two. 7Up Zero Sugar was formally known as Diet 7Up. The brand has renamed the drink to emphasize the fact that it contains no sugar and is good for people following a Keto diet. 7Up Zero Sugar has the same taste and ingredients as the Diet 7Up.

Does 7up Zero Sugar Contain Artificial Sweeteners?

Yes, 7Up Zero Sugar contains two artificial sweeteners- Aspartame and Acesulfame potassium. FDA considers these sweeteners safe for consumption, but they may still harm your health if not taken in moderation.

Does 7Up Zero Sugar Have Aspartame?

Aspartame is widely used as an artificial sweetener and a popular sugar substitute in low-calorie food and beverages, including diet or zero sugar carbonated drinks. There are several myths associated with this ingredient regarding its negative effect on health.  

However, research has shown that adverse effects of aspartame only occur if not consumed in a limited amount. If not taken care of its consumption, Aspartame is known to cause severe headaches, migraine, diabetes, diarrhea, and heart diseases.

Acesulfame Potassium is another one of the most controversial sweeteners and is often used in food or beverage to keep its sweetness during baking or heat processing. This is important for preparing foods, such as cookies, soda drinks, and candies. 

Both sweeteners when combined are said to be 200 times sweeter than normal sugar.

Does 7Up Zero Sugar Have Caffeine?

No, 7Up Zero Sugar has no caffeine. All the variants and flavors of 7Up are caffeine-free. 

Because it isn’t caffeinated, you won’t feel extra alert or sharp after consuming it. It may refresh you, but 7Up Zero won’t help you focus more.

But that’s a small price to pay to avoid potential health problems. While caffeine is used to enhance the flavor in carbonated drinks, it possesses some serious health problems such as poor digestion, disturbed sleep cycle, and fluctuation in heart rate.

 7Up Zero Sugar is a good alternative to choose if you like to consume sodas. 

Does 7Up Zero Sugar Contain Alcohol?

No, 7Up Zero Sugar is a non-alcoholic soda drink. Methanol is used in the production of aspartame. Methanol is also called wood alcohol. All traces of methanol are removed in the manufacturing process.

There is also no ethanol in the final product. Ethanol is what is considered conventional alcohol. Methanol usually has the same impact on the body as ethanol. But both are digested differently.

So 7Up is 100% alcohol-free. But that doesn’t stop it from making a great base for cocktails!  

7Up Zero Sugar Calories

7Up Zero Sugar claims to have 0 calories, low sodium (45 mg), and no artificial colors. Even though this drink has zero-calorie and natural flavors, it doesn’t make 7Up a healthy drink. Ingredients like Aspartame, Calcium Disodium EDTA and Acesulfame K are safe for most people but may have some potential side effects on health when taken regularly for a longer period.

Is 7Up Zero Sugar Gluten-Free?

Although none of the ingredients in 7Up Zero Sugar contain gluten, the beverage is not explicitly labeled as such. This may be because of the possibility of cross-contamination from other products containing gluten that are manufactured or processed in the same facility.  

In any case, the gluten content will be less than 20 ppm (parts per million). This should make it relatively safe for those with gluten intolerance. For people with mild celiac disease, these levels may be harmless. But if you are extra sensitive, then it could trigger immune responses. 

Avoid this drink if can’t tolerate even trace amounts of gluten. There may be minute bits of gluten that could cause anaphylactic shock.  

Can Diabetics Drink 7Up Zero Sugar?

7Up Zero or any diet soda may seem a better choice for a diabetic as it curbs the sugar craving without the sugar overload and calories. Research, on the other hand, has shown that this carbonated drink leads to an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes in a diabetic patient.

Even though diet soda like 7Up Zero may have fewer calories and no sugar, its regular and long-term consumption can lead to health issues.

Unhealthy ingredients like Aspartame and Acesulfame K are artificial sweeteners that trick your body into craving carbs and calories leading you to either overeat or excessive consumption of soda.

Aspartame in excess can also impede weight loss. It can also slow down metabolism. It confuses the body due to quick absorption followed by a sudden drop in sugar levels. This leads to metabolic syndrome which may trigger type 2 diabetes. 

Diet sodas like 7Up Zero may also cause more damage. It may disrupt kidney function and heart health even more in the long run than normal sodas. To the kidneys and heart in the long run, compared to normal sodas.

Is 7Up Zero Sugar Keto-Friendly?

7Up Zero is Keto-friendly as it is low in net carbs and does not contain sugar. However, moderation is important here since Aspartame in 7Up Zero Sugar slows down metabolism, and causes a drop in sugar levels. So consuming lots of this soda might ruin your keto plans by disrupting body functions. This may force you to revert to a non-keto diet to get your health back on track.

Is 7Up Zero Sugar Vegan?

Yes, the entire range of 7Up products is vegan and vegetarian-friendly. It doesn’t contain any animal products or derivatives like gelatin. The only issue that arises is with the manufacturing process.

The equipment used to make 7Up Zero Sugar may also be used to make other products that contain non-vegan ingredients.  These could make their way into the final product. 

Dr.Pepper, which owns the 7Up franchise in the US may use Red 40 dye. This dye is vegan but it may be tested on animals. 

Third-party raw material vendors may also be conducting animal testing. For strict vegans, these are an absolute no-go. But, overall, in terms of ingredients, 7Up is vegan for all intents and purposes.

Is 7Up Zero Sugar Halal & Kosher?

Even though 7Up Zero is vegan-friendly which means that it doesn’t contain any animal ingredient, the brand has mentioned on its website that they do not manufacture beverages compliant with Halal or Kosher diets. Their products do not hold any recognized certification of conformity.

Kosher foods are prepared following traditional Jewish laws, while Halal foods are ingredients permitted by Islamic law, as defined by the Quran.

Can You Drink 7Up Zero While Pregnant?

No. Many researchers say that pregnant women should avoid diet sodas at all costs. These artificially sweetened beverages, if consumed during pregnancy, can lead your child to be overweight at 1-year-old. 

Consuming diet sodas while pregnant can lead to some pregnancy complications and health conditions in your child’s developing years. It may result in cognitive difficulties for the baby in later stages.

Artificial sweeteners may even cause birth defects or miscarriages if consumed in excess. 7Up Zero also has a considerable amount of sodium. Excess salt can cause hypertension. This also causes high blood pressure in the fetus through placental blood flow. 

This can potentially harm the unborn baby.  

Regular consumption of 7Up can lead to acidity and gestational diabetes. Sugar and carbonated water are not recommended during this period. They can cause bone weakness and obesity. 

In moderation, they are okay. Keep a tab on your intake. 

Is 7Up Zero Sugar Bad For You?

7Up Zero Sugar may be a better alternative to regular soda drinks but it doesn’t add any nutrient value to your diet. The artificial sweeteners and additives cause your body to crave more and can also slow down your metabolism. 

7Up Zero Sugar is also not a healthier option for people who do not have diabetes as it can increase the risk of developing Type-2 diabetes. As already mentioned, 7Up Zero can lead to weight gain and a lowered metabolism, which are two symptoms leading to diabetes in the future.

Drinking a reasonable amount of 7Up Zero Sugar isn’t likely to hurt you, but make sure not to include it in your daily diet for better health.


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